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You may make a tax-deductible donation. Please make the check payable to UWIHP or Utah Warriors Ice Hockey Program. Please include your name and address if the information is different then or not printed on the check. You will receive a letter acknowledging your donation within a few days of processing your donation. Please keep this letter for your tax records.

Please send your donation to:


Utah Warriors Ice Hockey Program

 1731w 4575s

Roy, UT 84067


As with all non-profit organizations, you may request a copy of our most current IRS Form 1023 filing (the non-profit equivalent to an individual tax return). Our tax year ends each December 31 and the report for that year will be filed by the following April. Please consider this time frame so your requested report incorporates all time frames that interest you. All requests must include your full name and home address so that we may keep an accurate record should the IRS contact us regarding your request. Requests by email may be sent to ( you will receive the report attached to a reply email. Snail mail requests should be sent to the above address; the report will be mailed to the name and address included in the request. With apologies, we require that all snail mail requests include a processing and handling fee of $25.00 (only checks payable to UWIHP accepted).

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